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In these times, technology leaders face unprecedented change and uncertainty.  Your customers’ expectations are changing. The competition and the technology are changing.  Disruptions interrupt bringing big ideas to market.  And we know the statistics of failed projects, even agile ones.  There are paths that look promising at first but end up being simply frustrating: bringing in an expensive consulting firm and being left with presentations, training the team in agile only to see role confusion, or years of rebuilding on microservices.


Princeton Digital Advisors builds a different experience.  We help organizations of all sizes quickly zero in on what their potential can be.  We are a business-value focused, technology design service for software products and cloud solutions.  Our approach lays out a path built on small wins towards the end goal, confirming value regularly and pivoting as the team learns.  We believe that success is achieved only when the product or service is in the customer’s hands.  It is a journey of balance between getting the right product architecture in the near term and laying the foundation we need for adaptation later. It is a value-led way of architecting, and cuts through the latest trends in programming languages, deployment methodologies, and management techniques.


Princeton Digital Advisors is a trusted partner to our clients.  We work closely with the team already in place, using readily accepted techniques to accelerate the lifecycle, and leveraging our technology experiences from a broad array of clients to ensure your success.  We practice design thinking and creative problem solving every day.  We are passionate and driven to find the data points to reduce risk and make informed decisions.  We have the experience to build the plan.  We have the techniques to get the team out of siloed thinking.  We have the research capability to learn & adapt as circumstances change.  Above all, we’ll be there every step of the way with you.


What makes us successful is our ability to see all of a project’s development through the lens of value – we call this the product mindset.  This mindset brings critical thinking and software engineering together using modern architecture approaches into a simple, quick and powerful discipline. We help your team practice this mindset as we engage on projects, rapidly triaging the essential and growing confidence in postponing lower value steps. Our approach iteratively develops the four critical dimensions of the project:

  1. Defining a superior customer experience

  2. Testing business model viability

  3. Creating the initial solution in modern technologies, and

  4. Focusing the team’s behavior through practice


We learn the current state and challenges faced by stakeholders through initial discussions with you.  Before we give you a proposal or research alternatives, we want to understand these perspectives and context.  We will offer unbiased recommendations for an engagement to achieve these goals, including filling specific roles, performing development tasks, or using specific delivery modalities (such as workshops or research services).  The proposal will include fair & reasonable costing for all services. After you accept the proposal, we engage as a member of the team, being flexible to whether you work primarily online or onsite.  All communications are held in strict confidence unless you approve otherwise.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can build together, please use the CONTACT FORM to set up some time for us to learn more about each other.

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